January 29, 2011

Lovely fractal animation

A little amuse l’oeil for Saturday morning:


Posted by John Nack at 7:44 AM on January 29, 2011


  • Steve Howard — 9:17 AM on January 29, 2011


    I wanna see the WebGL version!

    [You and me both. –J.]

    • David — 12:59 AM on April 01, 2011

      The webGL version of Fractal Lab is now available at

  • David — 6:07 PM on January 29, 2011

    He used Pixel Bender to develop this (or at least a precursor of it)

    I just found a program called Fragmentarium that lets you explore fractals that look very similar to this one.

    It’s amazing that this can be rendered in realtime through the GPU.

    • David — 6:16 PM on January 29, 2011

      from his comments on the video:
      “It is rendered using my own GPU based raytracer written in GLSL. All the shapes are the result of the fractal formulas, no modelling involved :)”

      “Each frame takes about half a second to render at HD 720 resolution with 4x antialiasing. Without the AA it is quick enough for interactive tweaking of the parameters.”

  • eudalia — 10:03 AM on January 30, 2011

    Marvellous! Will you make a colour version?

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