February 01, 2011

100th InDesign-made tablet publication ships

Adobe’s digital publishing team passed along a happy milestone: there are now 100 publications made with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite available in the iTunes App Store. Not bad for a product made available in October, eh?  Congrats to the team and to all the writers, photographers, and publishers using the tools.

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DesignScene gathers visual inspiration on iPads

You know, I was just thinking, “I’m so completely caught up on design-related links, and so quiet on Twitter, that I could really use another onslaught of content (the ignoring of which could make be feel vaguely bad)!” Or not. Even so, the $4 DesignScene iPad app could be a keeper:

According to the site, features include:

  • Real-time visual inspiration from 50+ sites
  • Text feeds from 30+ sites
  • In-app web browser
  • Share links via email, Facebook and Twitter


The app needs Instapaper integration (for saving links for later use) in the worst way, but no doubt that’s coming.

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