February 02, 2011

Adobe TV begins community translation

The Adobe TV team has announced the Community Translation project, designed to make training content available to more people in their native languages.  According to the team:


  • Anyone with fluency in English and at least one other language can apply to be a translator.
  • Participants in the program use a simple, intuitive interface provided by our partner DotSUB to translate the closed-captioning titles line-by-line.
  • Once approved by a reviewer, the translation becomes available as a closed-captioning track on the video, and also appears as a searchable, interactive transcript alongside the video.


There have already been 154 translations completed, in 25 different languages.  Here’s a list of translated videos.


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Video: Friday Afternoon in the Universe

Jack Kerouac + DJ Shadow wrapped in beautiful 3D (but not 3D-y) animation from Sean McClintock? Yeah, that’ll work:

Friday Afternoon in the Universe from Sean McClintock on Vimeo.


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