March 06, 2011

Handsome HTML5 from BLITZ

I’ve long admired the work of BLITZ Agency, from the Flash/Wiimote collaborative drawing tool they made several years ago to the lovely CS5 launch materials.  Check out their new site (“powered by #tigerblood,” they note) for a great pairing of graphic design with HTML savvy.

Speaking of HTML5 (or “HTML,” as the cool kids now apparently say), there just may be some interesting news coming out this week. Stay tuned.

Posted by John Nack at 11:17 AM on March 06, 2011


  • Mark — 12:47 PM on March 06, 2011

    Apple is buying Adobe? Have we heard it here first? That would get the comments humming. (If they’re working…)

    [Because Apple loves HTML5 and Adobe hates it, right? You’d think so from reading Mac-bigot sites, which refuse to tell the real story. (But wait, in my saying so I’m sounding like a whiner who’s “fanning the flames of nontroversy.” My bad. We lose again!) –J.]

  • JE Santos — 2:41 PM on March 06, 2011

    Let me guess… Will we see a beta of a new product that can generate HTML5 in Adobe Labs, just like Flash Catalyst was introduced some time ago? I wish those were the news, it would be great to have the oportunity to try it for a while before CS6 launches…

  • SBG — 7:57 PM on March 06, 2011

    The Blitz intro made me instantly hesitant to click on it. Give me the info I am looking for (in the case of a design studio or agency, the portfolio), not an “experience”.

    [Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks. I believe in stating your nature & ambitions clearly rather than trying to please everyone. If the way these guys want to work isn’t your cup of tea, no harm/no foul; better to know that up front & not waste one another’s time. –J.]

  • pete — 5:00 AM on March 07, 2011

    when will the next lightroom version be release?

    or at least a new ACR version thats support new cameras.

    [What camera(s), specifically? –J.]

  • Lars — 9:12 AM on March 07, 2011

    i bought a E-PL2 and it´s not supported by LR 3.3.

  • pete — 9:20 AM on March 07, 2011

    Canon 600D

  • eeeee — 9:30 AM on March 07, 2011

    E-PL2 and Canon 600d

  • Aristophrenia — 2:30 PM on March 07, 2011

    Site uses Adobe flash,
    what is the point – just do the whole thing in flash ? Way faster, way easier.

    Am confused as to why you would bother putting clunky bits of html in a perfectly good flash site ??

  • Luke — 8:46 PM on March 07, 2011

    Serious question: what’s HTML5 about it, doctype notwithstanding? Lots of great design & JS touches though!

    [You may be right, and I’m using “HTML5” in the same casual, maybe slipshod way that many do–namely, to say “visually rich, often animated content that once would have been the sole domain of Flash.” –J.]

    Look forward to the news.

  • GH — 10:41 AM on March 08, 2011

    Personally speaking the blitz site feels smooth, scenic and somewhat cinematic. It feels more like a printed page compared to many sites I view.
    What the heck are these off the mark, off the wall comments on LR, etc. Comments like those are distasteful and boring to

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