May 20, 2011

Machiavellian thought o’ the day

I’ve heard about totalitarian regimes using Facebook to promote “anti-government” rallies, then simply arresting whoever shows up.  Seems like a ruthless manager could take a similar cue: Invite employees to “training sessions” on things like how to use the new travel website, then fire anyone who attends–figuring that if you’re dumb & idle enough to attend such a thing, you mustn’t be worth keeping.

Of course, if that test were applied to people with time to write blog posts like this… uh, forget I said anything.

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Feedback, please: Photoshop-controlling iPad magazine now available

DI Direct, the publication that can link with Photoshop CS5* and drive it via interactive tutorials, is now available as a free download. In case you missed it previously, here’s a demo:


I find the concept very intriguing, but I’d really like your feedback.

  • As a reader, how compelling do you find this sort of interactive training? Would it make you more likely to buy a certain magazine or book? Do you (or would you) use your tablet & your computer together this way?
  • If you’re a writer, trainer, etc., how compelling do you find it? If we made it extremely easy to add such links via InDesign, then publish to a tablet, would you take the time to add them?


* If you’re using CS5, don’t forget to update to 12.0.4 (via Help->Updates). If you’ve installed CS 5.5, you’re all set already.

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(rt) Useful online photo tools

  • Neat idea: SLR Camera Simulator teaches the effects of camera parameters. [Via]
  • StolenCamera Finder “uses the serial number stored in your photo to search the web for photos taken w/the same camera.”
  • Bigger camera sensors generally offer better performance. lets you “Compare & Convert Digital Cameras.”
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