May 17, 2011

iPhone photo seminar at 5pm Pacific today

Photographer & designer Dan Marcolina is “iPhone Obsessed,” having used his phone + apps to produce a coffee table book (with up-resing courtesy of Photoshop). Now I see that he’s presenting a seminar just over an hour from now (sorry, just saw the invite):

His new book, iPhone Obsessed, covers over 47 apps and the post-processing steps you need to know to achieve works of art right in your iPhone. Dan will cover many of these apps during this live Peachpit Photo Club event.

Having met Dan & discussed the book last summer, I can vouch for him being a really interesting, creative guy; should be a good session.

Posted by John Nack at 3:49 PM on May 17, 2011


  • Rich MacDonald — 8:38 PM on May 17, 2011

    It’s a testament to the power of an algorithmically controlled light capture and remapping device that we put up with the quality of the iPhone 4 camera. Sure, it’s better than most smart phone cameras, but it pales in comparison to turn of the century point and shoot cameras with lower megapixel specs.

    Sometime in the next year or two the new battle over “smart cameras” is going to start. It’ll be interesting to see if an Apple iOS iCam or Android based device will be the first out of the gates. This will likely be the biggest inflection point in the history of photography, if the result, once the dust settles, can even still be called photography.

    Some recent tweets from the University of Washington’s DXARTS twitter feed on this:

    It “always puzzles me. Why would I make Apple the best camera?” @Sony CEO Makes sense for new #iCam, not iPhone 4S.

    #iCam: light capture device w/ large sensor, interchangeable lens, RAW, HD vid + leveraging core-motion, location, etc. in iOS apps

    Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens #SmartCam:
    Crazy demo, but all that to take FB profile without friend’s help?

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