July 31, 2011

A typeface for dyslexics

The creators quote researchers from the University of Twente as saying, “The dyslectics made fewer errors, than the normal readers, on the EMT with the font ‘Dyslexie.’ This is an indication that reading with the font ‘Dyslexie’ decreases the amount of reading errors.”


Posted by John Nack at 7:04 AM on July 31, 2011


  • BWJones — 11:12 AM on July 31, 2011

    That is actually pretty interesting. As a dyslexic, my initial thought was , but the more one thinks about it, the more sense it makes. Thanks John.

  • BWJones — 11:13 AM on July 31, 2011

    Bah, it edited out the html… initial thought was *eyebrows raised*, but the more….

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