August 31, 2011

Video: Three-card Monte with iPhones

Marco Tempest puts on a fascinating little magic show via three synchronized devices:

[Via Michael Wiggin]

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(rt) Photography: Canine Love

  • I’ve really enjoyed Carli Davidson‘s fantastic portraits of dogs as they shake off water.
  • If you like those, I think you’ll dig the work of Tim Flach (requires Flash) [Via]
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    August 30, 2011

    Check out the new Wacom Inkling

    “Wouldn’t it be great if your ideas could start as sketches with a ‘real’ pen on paper & immediately become electronic vector graphics?” Er–yes, please:

    So, why not just sketch with regular pen & paper, then snap a photo of the results? A few things come to mind:

    • Layer creation while drawing
    • Fidelity (vs. a photo) and pressure sensitivity
    • Sequence: “As Inkling records your drawing,” the site says, “you can play it back to see how your drawing was made, stroke-by-stroke. You can use the ‘scrubber’ feature to isolate parts of your drawing to separate into individual layers.”

    I haven’t tried the device, but it looks exciting. Props to Wacom for thinking in some interesting new ways.

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    (rt) Scientific photography: Escher in water, eggs exploding, & more

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    August 29, 2011

    (rt) Recent poster goodness

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    August 28, 2011

    (rt) Odd camera materials (Lego, paper, & wood)

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    August 27, 2011

    Video: Skating, rendered beautifully

    So, you liked the Danny MacAskill thing, then? Now peep this:


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    August 26, 2011

    “I’m Comic Sans, [Jerk]”

    The Onion reports, “New Study Explains Why Comic Sans Font So Hilarious”:

    This second one contains lots and lots of profanity, so please don’t give me a hard time if you listen & that’s not your bag! (For reference here’s the original text.)


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    August 25, 2011

    Puppet Love: Warping tips for Photoshop CS5

    Bryan O’Neil Hughes steps up to the mic with another pair of 1-minute tutorials. Puppet Warp can be more subtle than you might think.

    Use Puppet to straighten images

    Puppet and Content-Aware Fill

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    August 24, 2011

    Adobe HTML5 Camp coming to London

    The event is set for Thursday Sept. 8 at the Vue Cinema, Fulham Broadway in London. Registration for the NY event filled up almost immediately, so if you’re game I’d suggest signing up now.

    • 13:30 – 14:00 Registration
    • 14:00 – 14:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks – John Cole
    • 14:15 –15:00 The State of the Web – Jeremy Keith
    • 15:00 – 15:45 Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 and HTML5 & jQuery Mobile – Greg Rewis
    • 15:45 – 16:00 Break
    • 16:00 – 16:30 Chrome Developer Tools – Paul Kinlan, Google
    • 16:30 – 17:15 Edge Demo – Mark Anders
    • 17:15 – 18:00 HTML5 interest speaker (TBA)
    • 18:00 – 18:15 Wrap-up – John Cole
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    Learn about audio mastering, this Friday

    Noon Pacific on Friday:

    In this week’s Ask a CS Pro session, Senior Solutions Engineer Colin Smith will provide an introduction to sound design, including matching audio levels, adding foley, understanding effects and mastering for output to video with Adobe Audition CS 5.5.

    The Adobe Connect room will open up 15 minutes before the session starts. At that time please sign in as a guest to join.

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    August 23, 2011

    Lightroom 3.5, Camera Raw 6.5 available on Adobe Labs

    Lightroom 3.5 and Camera Raw 6.5 are now available as Release Candidates on Adobe Labs. New camera support includes the following models:

    • Fuji FinePix F600EXR
    • Olympus E-P3
    • Olympus E-PL3
    • Olympus E-PM1
    • Panasonic DMC-G3
    • Panasonic DMC-GF3
    • Phase One IQ140
    • Phase One IQ160
    • Phase One P40+
    • Phase One P65+
    • Sony Alpha NEX-C3
    • Sony SLT-A35
    • Hasselblad “FFF” files created by the Hasselblad Phocus software for currently supported models are also now supported. (FFF files created using the FlexColor software are not supported.)


    The updates also add support for various lenses & fix a number of bugs.  For full details see Tom Hogarty’s post on the Lightroom Journal. [Via Jan Kabili]

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      Video: A Day in California

      Perfectly lovely:

      Bobby Solomon writes,

      Photographer Ryan Killackey and his wife decided to document California, mostly the Los Angeles area, through photos, taking over 10,000 in total, and then compiling them into this beautiful video.

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      August 22, 2011

      Hints about Adobe’s future mobile photography tools

      Managing your photos across a range of devices (phones, tablets, computers, cameras) really starts to suck. We’re exploring some interesting solutions that go beyond what others have announced:

      No matter which device is in your hand, you see your entire photo library. So those hundreds of photos you took while touring through Italy with your smartphone would also appear in the library on your tablet device and at home on your laptop…just like that.

      At Adobe, we’re exploring solutions to get you there. And it should come as no surprise that we will also leverage the power of Photoshop editing technology for quick fixes along the way.

      A tad vague, maybe, but stay tuned. Good things are on the way.

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      “Really Being John Malkovich”

      Adobe researcher Eli Shechtman & collaborators have created this excellent bit of madness:

      Given a photo of person A, we seek a photo of person B with similar pose and expression. Solving this problem enables a form of puppetry, in which one person appears to control the face of another.

      Now, let’s see if we can pry a webcam version out of them… [Via]

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      August 20, 2011

      Fun motion graphics for BBC Knowledge

      From weareseventeen & Mauro Rader:

      And here’s another fun one for the same client, this time from Sean Pecknold:


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      August 19, 2011

      Video: Stephen Colbert’s head goes to space

      3D printer, weather balloon, GPS-enabled phone, & camera = good times.

      Now, who’s up for giving my head a lift?

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      August 18, 2011

      A PSD for Lion

      Jonatan Castro has created a layered PSD file for designers targeting Mac OS X Lion. HTH, as the kids say. [Via]

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      Grill a Photoshop PM, live today

      Bonus for me: it’s not me. ;-) Check out a live chat today at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific:

      If you ever wanted some one-on-one time with Adobe’s Senior Product Manager for Photoshop, well…today’s your day. We’re doing a special bonus LIVE episode of ‘The Grid” today and Bryan is our in-studio guest, taking your questions on the air about….well…anything!

      Send your questions now (and during the show) via Twitter—just include the hashtag #grillbryan, or you can just post a question on Scott Kelby’s blog. Hope you’ll join us for a history-making live event, today at 4:00 pm EDT, on “The Grid.”

      [Via Andrew Kavanagh]

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      August 17, 2011

      Video: Danny MacAskill

      Beautiful filmmaking showcases incredible athleticism:

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      Demo/Q&A Friday: Introducing Muse

      Join us at noon Pacific (time zone calculator):

      In this Ask a Pro session, Dani Beaumont, Muse Product Manager, will show you how Muse makes designing websites as easy as creating print layouts. Muse (code name) is a preview of a new product from Adobe that allows designers to design and publish HTML websites without writing code. Dani will showcase the robust design tools, demonstrate how to add interactivity to your site and then show how easy it is to publish your site.

      The Connect room will open up 15 minutes before the session starts. At that time please sign in as a guest to join.

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      HTML5, Flash, 3D meetings in SF this week

      Quick note to Web developers in San Francisco: Tonight there’s meeting of GamesJS (focusing on using HTML5 & JavaScript for game development), and tomorrow there’s a San Flashcisco meeting covering the Molehill 3D work in Flash Player 11. See Doug Winnie’s blog for details.

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      August 16, 2011

      Muse Hits 120,000 Downloads In One Day

      Nice. Thanks for all the lively feedback here and elsewhere. I’m passing your comments along to the team. [Via]

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      Adobe Muse enables great Web layout, no coding required

      When’s the last time you wrote PostScript code to lay out a print page?  Seems like kind of a bizarre notion, doesn’t it?

      With Web design, though, coding is taken for granted, and WYSIWYG apps have come and gone many times.  But why is it, in 2011, we don’t have an InDesign-quality visual design tool for the Web?

      Enter Adobe Muse. The new app (built by InDesign vets) promises to let graphic designers (especially print designers) “create websites as easily as you create layouts for print.”  It’s free for download in beta form right now. Key features:

      • Planning — Use easy-to-use sitemaps, master pages, and flexible, site-wide tools.
      • Design — Combine imagery, graphics and text almost as if you were using InDesign.
      • Interactivity — Drag and drop fully customizable widgets (nav menus, slide shows, etc.) & embed HTML code snippets.
      • Publishing — Preview in Muse, then convert to a live website hosted by Adobe or the provider of your choice.

      Mashable writes, “[I]n our tests, the code that Muse outputs is clean and readable.”

      Here’s the team’s vision:

      And here’s a more hands-on tour of the functionality:


      See Adobe TV for a comprehensive set of videos to help you get started making great stuff–and please let us know what you think.

      [More coverage & perspective is on CNET.]

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      August 15, 2011

      (rt) Illustrated miscellany

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      August 14, 2011

      LIQUID~DO: Experimental AV art

      You can read all about making this art via the molecular-dynamic process of salvation solvation, involving a key component of milk fat, palmitic acid, and C12H25SO4Na (sodium dodetsilsulfonat)–or, like me, you can just zone out with some Sunday-morning prettiness:

      [Via Mark Coleran]

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      August 12, 2011

      New free 3D sculpting app for iPad

      Autodesk’s latest offering looks pretty nifty:

      CG Channel writes,

      The app, which is currently available for free, offers basic sculpting and detailing tools. The geometry can be textured by importing images or capturing them with the iPad 2 camera and ‘stencilling’ them onto its surface.

      123D Sculpt offers 17 base models. Five further packs of four are available from the App Store for $0.99 each.

      [Via Jerry Harris]

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      Slow-Mo Owl Show

      Oddly intense! (especially full screen)

      One of these winged victors tried to make off with my parents’ elderly wiener dog during a midnight outing. Advantage: Older Irish lady using her bathrobe to look bigger! [Via]

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      Sneak peek: After Effects 3D GPU tech

      Fast, direct, highly interactive object extrusion? Yes please.

      [Via] Update: Steve Forde addresses some NVIDIA-related concerns via the comments.

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      August 11, 2011

      Video: A Skateboard’s-Eye View of Manhattan

      Filmmaker & skater Josh Maredy killed a pair of GoPro cameras en route to capturing this madness:


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      Save $200 registering for Adobe MAX

      Early bird registration has been extended until the end of August, so you can sign up now for the show (Oct. 1-5 in Los Angeles). I’ll be there, and I promise we’ll be showing some really exciting stuff. Here’s more info on MAX.

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      August 10, 2011

      Demo/Q&A: Easing the Transition to Premiere Pro

      Check it out this Friday at noon Pacific:

      More and more Final Cut editors are switching to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 to become more efficient. In this week’s Ask a CS Pro, Product Manager Al Mooney will review some of the most important workflow tips and tricks to help editors, new to Premiere Pro, get up to speed quickly.

      The Connect room will open up 15 minutes before the session starts. At this time, please sign in as a guest to join.

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      Quick tips for improving Content-Aware Fill results

      Photoshop PM Bryan O’Neil Hughes has posted a pair of 1-minute tips on how to work with Photoshop CS5’s new technology:

      Using the Pen to guide the Spot Healing Brush:

      Using smaller selections to improve results:

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      August 09, 2011

      Plug-in security fix for Photoshop CS5

      Maliciously coded GIF files could cause Photoshop to crash, so the team has posted an update. If you open GIFs in Photoshop, please download the update for Mac, Win64, and/or Win32. They recommend making certain that you’re running the most recent version of Photoshop. To check/update, choose Help->Updates inside Photoshop CS5 and apply all of the updates listed under Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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      CS Extension Builder tryout available

      A trial version of the Creative Suite Extension Builder is now available for download.  The team has posted a brief FAQ, but the main thing is that you’ll need a copy of Flash Builder (trial mode’s okay) plus at least one CS application installed.

      Here’s a demo showing how to create your first extension in under 5 minutes:

      Check out the developer center for demos, info on selling your extensions, and more.  The team also has a YouTube channel, a blog, and a user-to-user forum.

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      August 08, 2011

      Video: How Businessweek gets made

      A fun, tongue-in-cheek, whirlwind tour of the making of a magazine:


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      New color-mixing panel arrives in Photoshop

      Check out Anastasiy Safari’s new MixColors panel for Photoshop:

      It provides an engine for fast and correct color mixing, like oils, acrylics or watercolor. It keeps color history, allowing you to keep a number of swatches (like it’s on real-world palette). In “Mix eyedropper mode” the colors you pick with Photoshop eyedropper are mixed to the current color with one click. It also can be “attached” to my MagicPicker so the two panels act as one, plus more features.(As usual, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 are supported).

      The panel is on sale for $14.

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      August 07, 2011

      [OT] Mac remote access & Mail advice?

      Greetings from rural Illinois, “The Land Connectivity Forgot,” where I’ve just set up my parents’ new iMac. We’ve had some minor hiccups (e.g. repeatedly explaining that an “app store” is neither a physical place nor something that mails you CDs; realizing that N-finger gestures are going to be the source of many panicked “Oh, Jaahn, it disappeared” calls), but overall things are good.

      In particular I’m delighted with how well FaceTime is running. I don’t know whether their ISP splurged and added a second upstream cocktail straw, or whether the combo of new hardware/compression has done the trick, but it seems to be a vast improvement over our excruciatingly laggy iChat sessions.

      Two questions, though:

      • I want to connect to their machine, wake it up, and drive anytime, regardless of whether they’re around. (Yes, they’re cool with this.) iChat requires someone to accept my screen-sharing request. What’s a more robust alternative? Do I have to spring for Apple Remote Desktop? I’ve occasionally used VNC clients, but do those require me to know the other machine’s (static) IP address?
      • Why, for the love of God, can’t Mail on Lion import a mailbox (.mbox) from Mail on Leopard? I’ve tried every method I can think of (archiving, exporting), but I always get a “some [meaning all] messages could not be imported” error. I’ve even tried dragging everything into my mom’s Gmail account, thinking I could upload from the old machine & download it onto the newer one, but the messages never seem to reach the server. I’ve tried downloading the new Outlook, but it requires 10.5.8, and the old iMac won’t accept its admin password (needed to run a system update).

      Yes yes, #firstworldproblems, to be sure, but any advice would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!

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      Video: World’s largest stop-motion animation

      Not content with having made “the world’s smallest stop-motion animation,” the folks at Aardman set out to crush it with the world’s largest–and once again, they shot it with a telephone:

      As usual I find the making-of video even more interesting than the final piece:


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      August 05, 2011

      “Metropolis”: Enormous Matchbox kinetic sculpture

      If you played with Hot Wheels as a kid, this is what you saw when drifting off to sleep:

      Hypnotic & terrific. Here’s more about artist Chris Burden.

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      August 04, 2011

      Ask a Pro tomorrow: Creating demo reels

      This week’s live Q&A:

      Carey Dissmore will talk about the importance of demo reels, and provide an overview of the editing workflow in Premiere Pro from the perspective of an editor who is comfortable with Final Cut Pro. Carey will also share the similarities, differences and unique advantages of Premiere Pro, including its tight integration with other products in the Adobe Production Premium bundle such as After Effects, Photoshop and Audition.

      We’ll see you Friday, August 5, at 12 p.m. Pacific (time zone converter) in our Connect Room. The room will open up 15 minutes before the session starts. At this time, please sign in as a guest to join.

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      Video: The Photoshop Experience in San Francisco

      (Sounds a little like some acid-rock holdover, doesn’t it?)

      If you haven’t yet checked out the Photoshop store at 550 Sutter, you still have from now through Saturday to do so (see the remaining schedule of events). Here’s what it’s like:

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      Press-on nails as stop-motion animation

      900 press-on nails, 1,200 bottles of nail polish, and a month of work = this animation. The process seems incredibly punishing/tedious, but then again, it did just get me to watch an ad for Kia hatchbacks!


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      August 03, 2011

      Chat with Chris Cox this Saturday

      How does Photoshop…?
      Why won’t Photoshop…?
      What does Photoshop mean by…?
      When will Photoshop…?
      Where does Photoshop…?
      Could Adobe…?

      Longtime Photoshop engineer Chris Cox will be answering questions as the featured guest on RetouchPRO Live, starting at 4pm Central time this Saturday. The cost to attend is $10. Chris’s brief bio:

      Chris Cox’s education is in Physics with a minor in painting – and he’s still not sure how he got this deep into software. He is currently a senior engineer on the Photoshop team responsible for performance, color management, and other random large features. Things he’s done in Photoshop: presets, half the file formats, 16 bit/channel, 32 bit/channel, documents over 30k pixels, files over 2Gig, and more adjustments and filters than he can recall right now.

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      August 02, 2011

      Adobe Edge Hits 50,000 Downloads in First 24 Hours

      So, think there’s some interest in this one, then? :-) Grab your copy here. [Via]

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      Come to the Adobe HTML5 Camp in New York this Friday

      Meet the folks building Adobe Edge, the guys behind the new Expressive Web showcase site, the founders of Ajaxian, and more this Friday starting at 9am at the Hudson Theater on W44th.

      Sign up here.

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      Video: Illustration time lapse

      Jelle Gijsberts gives a high-speed tour through the creation of one of his richly detailed illustrations made using Illustrator + Photoshop:


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      August 01, 2011

      Download Adobe’s new HTML5 animation tool

      I joined Adobe specifically to build a Web-standards-based animation & interactivity app. Great thought, but we were a decade off base about when browsers would actually be ready to play ball.

      That time has come, and the company is today releasing the first preview version of Adobe Edge, a fast, lightweight way to add life to your sites. Feature highlights in this release:

      • Create new compositions with Edge’s drawing and text tools.
      • Animate position, size, color, shape, rotation and more at the property level.
      • Bring motion to existing HTML files while preserving the integrity of CSS-based HTML layouts. (Edge stores all of its animation in a separate JavaScript file that cleanly distinguishes the original HTML from Edge’s animation code.)
      • Copy and paste transitions, invert them, and choose from over 25 built-in easing effects.

      Check out Edge in action:

      Additionally, Adobe has launched The Expressive Web, a site showing off some of the cool stuff you can make modern browsers do, especially by using Adobe tools like Edge and Dreamweaver CS 5.5. Here’s a demo:

      Lastly, I don’t want to get into any tedious “Flash vs. HTML5” blah-blah here, though I do see that angle still bubbling up on link-baiting sites.  For that reason it’s worth noting that both Dreamweaver & GoLive were pushing Web animation starting in the 90’s, that Adobe championed SVG early on, and that it has been a main contributor helping to improve jQuery and lots of other HTML/JS/CSS tech.  Point is, Adobe’s been driving both rich, animated HTML and Flash for 15 years, and the company will keep evolving both to address different customer needs.

      Meanwhile, we hope you like what you see in Edge, and we’d be grateful for your feedback. (Oh, and if you create some cool stuff with it, please show off a link in the comments; thanks.)

      Related resource: Devnet on HTML5

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