August 16, 2011

Muse Hits 120,000 Downloads In One Day

Nice. Thanks for all the lively feedback here and elsewhere. I’m passing your comments along to the team. [Via]

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Adobe Muse enables great Web layout, no coding required

When’s the last time you wrote PostScript code to lay out a print page?  Seems like kind of a bizarre notion, doesn’t it?

With Web design, though, coding is taken for granted, and WYSIWYG apps have come and gone many times.  But why is it, in 2011, we don’t have an InDesign-quality visual design tool for the Web?

Enter Adobe Muse. The new app (built by InDesign vets) promises to let graphic designers (especially print designers) “create websites as easily as you create layouts for print.”  It’s free for download in beta form right now. Key features:

  • Planning — Use easy-to-use sitemaps, master pages, and flexible, site-wide tools.
  • Design — Combine imagery, graphics and text almost as if you were using InDesign.
  • Interactivity — Drag and drop fully customizable widgets (nav menus, slide shows, etc.) & embed HTML code snippets.
  • Publishing — Preview in Muse, then convert to a live website hosted by Adobe or the provider of your choice.

Mashable writes, “[I]n our tests, the code that Muse outputs is clean and readable.”

Here’s the team’s vision:

And here’s a more hands-on tour of the functionality:


See Adobe TV for a comprehensive set of videos to help you get started making great stuff–and please let us know what you think.

[More coverage & perspective is on CNET.]

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