August 03, 2011

Chat with Chris Cox this Saturday

How does Photoshop…?
Why won’t Photoshop…?
What does Photoshop mean by…?
When will Photoshop…?
Where does Photoshop…?
Could Adobe…?

Longtime Photoshop engineer Chris Cox will be answering questions as the featured guest on RetouchPRO Live, starting at 4pm Central time this Saturday. The cost to attend is $10. Chris’s brief bio:

Chris Cox’s education is in Physics with a minor in painting – and he’s still not sure how he got this deep into software. He is currently a senior engineer on the Photoshop team responsible for performance, color management, and other random large features. Things he’s done in Photoshop: presets, half the file formats, 16 bit/channel, 32 bit/channel, documents over 30k pixels, files over 2Gig, and more adjustments and filters than he can recall right now.

Posted by John Nack at 8:11 AM on August 03, 2011


  • Bojan Živković — 9:32 PM on August 03, 2011

    Great, I have some questions, but why 10$?

    [You’d have to ask the folks who organize these events (i.e. it’s not Adobe charging you). –J.]

  • Bojan Živković — 12:05 AM on August 08, 2011

    By the way Serbia is prohibited for Pay Pall. We can not have that account, at least we couldn’t have before few months. I do not believe something is changed.

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