August 27, 2011

Video: Skating, rendered beautifully

So, you liked the Danny MacAskill thing, then? Now peep this:


Posted by John Nack at 8:52 AM on August 27, 2011


  • WTW — 6:50 AM on August 28, 2011

    Incredible Filming & Skating. Kilian Martin is awesome and his style is so unique…pure talent!

    By the way, where was this video filmed?

  • Rick Popham — 4:29 PM on August 28, 2011

    Beautifully conceived and filmed. The skater is very talented, but I cringed to watch him scrape his board over some of those surfaces.

    I couldn’t help but think of the slate wall caps we installed along a ramp during a bank renovation, which had to be replaced after two months because they were completely marred by kids running their skate boards over them.

  • Alan Valek — 6:59 PM on August 28, 2011


    John, If you like this you should check out:

    Its’ the first 3D skate film, good stuff. This guy (Ty Evans) is pretty much THE guy in the skateboard film world. Check this out too, he works with director Spike Jonze as well (owns Girl Skateboards):

  • Zev Eisenberg — 12:19 PM on August 29, 2011

    he reminds me of Rodney Mullen, a very balletic freestyle skateboarder. This video isn’t as high quality as the one you posted, but the way he moves in incredible:

  • imajez — 1:42 PM on August 30, 2011

    WTW – this video was shot in the UK. Many of the urban shots were done in London with other scenes being shot as far away as on the Isle of Skye, where Danny MacAskill the trials rider comes from.

  • Daf — 2:04 AM on September 05, 2011

    This was part of a show on UK channel 4 showing 4 (I think) film makers and urban sports people (Danny BMX, some Parkour etc)doing the filming and the stresses they went through.
    For those in the UK you can view on 4oD:

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