October 27, 2011

Sneak Peek: InDesign liquid layout

Remember how I’m always going on about Adobe helping make HTML more capable of doing rich, print-style layouts? How might that benefit people? PM Kiyo Toma gives a sneak preview of how InDesign’s evolving to create lightweight, dynamic HTML layouts for tablets and other devices:

HTML & CSS are only growing in importance to digital publishing (e.g. see Amazon’s Kindle Format 8), and I’m excited to see InDesign expanding its HTML-creation chops.

Posted by John Nack at 8:38 AM on October 27, 2011


  • Michael Joyce — 7:59 AM on October 28, 2011

    InDesign’s character, paragraph, object, table, cell, & GREP styles are extremely powerful. Sometimes I wish they functioned more like CSS styles. For starters, paragraph rules can add borders above & below, but there are not left & right borders. Mostly I’d like the ability to apply multiple styles the way tag, id, and class allow you to apply multiple styles.

  • Jim Jordan — 2:49 PM on November 07, 2011

    So what does this mean for Adobe Muse (codename)?

    Muse is being marketed to InDesign users to move to web design. If InDesign has web design ability, learning another program like Muse seems pointless.

    [I doubt that the InDesign folks would expect people to design Web sites per se in ID; rather, they want to enable publishing of efficient, dynamic publications, especially for mobile devices. –J.]

  • Joerg Hartmannsgruber — 8:01 AM on November 08, 2011

    That looks really promising. They still need to change their pricing policy to let independent publishers/creatives have a go.

  • Sarah Strellson — 4:04 AM on December 08, 2011

    Thats a nice layout, cool to see that Adobe is always bringing out such great products :-)

  • Vikrant — 2:36 AM on June 01, 2012

    See the following video by Terry White, where he shows you how to apply liquid page rules to automatically adapt content when you create an alternate layout with a different size or orientation in InDesign.


  • Annette — 11:03 AM on February 24, 2013

    This looks cool, I will give it a try and hope it will help me with my Adobe projects.

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