November 10, 2011

Mike Chambers on Flash Professional & the Future

Veteran Flash developer & evangelist Mike Chambers has posted a note addressing the future of Adobe’s Flash Professional product:

The rumor is that the entire Flash Authoring team was laid off and that we are no longer developing Flash Professional.

Both of these rumors are false.

We are actively working on the next version of Flash Professional and have a long term commitment to its continued development.

Mike goes on to mention some of the features being built, including HTML5 export. (I hope to share more details on that one shortly.) Please see his post for details & to ask any questions.

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GroundBot, a self-propelled ball camera

Another from the “Ah, What Could Go Wrong?” Files:

It denies any family connection to Imperial interrogation droids, but I’m not sure I buy its story. [Via]

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