January 30, 2012

Adobe Edge preview 4 supports Web fonts, symbols, more

Adobe’s HTML5 animation tool gets beefed up with a host of new features in Preview 4, available now. Here’s a demo from Mark Anders:

Posted by John Nack at 9:07 AM on January 30, 2012


  • Bart — 10:04 AM on January 30, 2012

    Looks good! That timeline control with the autoplay etc is allready better then Flash Pro :)

    I do hope there’ll be an ‘advanced’ code editor (‘triggers’.. really? :) but I’m confident Adobe will take everything they learned from Flash IDE to make Edge great.

  • thomas drotar — 1:11 PM on February 12, 2012

    does anybody have any idea on how to add font squirrel generated fonts to adobe edge4? with google fonts I can just add the code http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Monoton‘ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’> to the “embed code” tab and it works perfectly. I am unsure how to do it with a font generated out of font squirrel. I have tried entering the css in the embed code but that doesn’t seem to work. little help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Rahaman — 11:42 PM on June 13, 2012

    Yes, adobe html5 animation tool is one of the most powerful tool to make easy animation with Photoshop.

    Currently, I am using this feature and enjoying very much as I believe only adobe Photoshop can change my life.

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