January 06, 2012

Video: Nikon D4’s iPad integration

Nikon’s newly announced D4 camera offers what looks to be cool iPad integration:

[Via Mark Kawano]

Posted by John Nack at 1:38 AM on January 06, 2012


  • Brian Spence — 7:10 AM on January 06, 2012

    That’s impressive. Too bad I’m married to Canon.

  • thorsten wulff — 12:44 PM on January 06, 2012

    It’s cool to shoot untethered with an iPad in hand, but the D4 wil not do it out of the box, you need the also new Wireless Transmitter WT-5 for that…

  • Rob — 12:46 PM on January 06, 2012

    Impressive camera, so many refinements I find appealing. Sadly I’m thinking I should keep both kidneys for now. Perhaps I can sell my car, more walking would do me some good.

    John, time for you to “lose” your 5D again? ;-)

    [Heh–yes, and then lose $6000! –J.]

  • Eric — 11:02 PM on January 10, 2012

    Come on tax returns and tax credits! I sure hope the Nikon D800 can do this too. I’ve been using OnOne’s software for this for the iPad and it’s so incredibly useful. I can see my studio photos better on the iPad screen than my 17″ laptop! And I don’t have to stand behind the camera any more. I can walk 30 feet away to show someone the imaging I have the camera on and see if that’s what they want, and shoot it while walking back to the camera.

    And it is ridiculous that cameras don’t have WIFI built in by now, or GPS for that matter. Our phones are smarter than our cameras!

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