February 27, 2012

Terry White shows Photoshop Touch

Posted by John Nack at 3:45 PM on February 27, 2012


  • 8bf — 6:59 AM on February 28, 2012

    Photoshop is an editor not a painting let me use my oversized finger to navigate a touch interface program. Preview proofs do on the fly editing?? ;) LOL yeah right I’m going to do real editing on the go with a oversized finger gui on a underpowered machine crippled with file restrictions. Sure abobe we believe you. I suspect real editors will drop this after 5 mins realizing its a crap substitute while the casual crowd lolled by the ps name with be amazed at? filters and such

    If i want real control I’d use a mouse/tablet not wiggle my finger around an oversized tablet gui. I seriously doubt the market they are trying to attract here (professionals) will bite. Problem is adobe is trying to get both users: professionals and casual, and like two cars headed in the same direction is stupid.

    Adobe should decide who they want to target here; Mom & Pop or the pro user.

  • Jan — 3:33 AM on February 29, 2012

    Hi Terry,

    Where is your finger?
    One of the challenges with touch paint software is this annoying thick fingers that hide a part of the artwork…


    [PS Touch offers a “presentation mode” that displays red circles whenever you touch your fingers down. That way you can record just a video feed from your tablet, instead of using a camera to capture the whole screen with your hand in the way. –J.]

  • karlo — 3:52 PM on May 29, 2012

    is it me or there is no soft light blending mode in photoshop touch? we got multiply, screen etc. but no soft light. Any word on this?

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