March 01, 2012

Q&A tomorrow: Creative Cloud membership

[Update: This session has been postponed until Friday the 16th.]

Noon Pacific on Friday:

Join Evangelist Paul Trani and Product Manager Yashodhan Gokhale for this hour-long session and learn how the Adobe Creative Cloud is going to reinvent the creative process. You’ll see how members can access all Adobe Creative Suite CS6 desktop tools, Adobe Touch Apps, and Adobe services allowing them to take creative ideas from concept to publishing–at breakthrough pricing starting at US$49.99 per month.

[Update: You can log into the Connect room when the session starts (or a bit beforehand).]

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The City of Samba

“Just when you think tilt shift may be overdone,” Todd Dominey writes, “this comes along. Glorious.” If nothing else make sure to see the Carnival section that starts around 2:20.

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Stop-motion Lego pizza delivery

I really can’t overstate the pleasure our lads have taken in watching these clips. Props & thanks to Michael Hickox.

(It probably shouldn’t have been a “teachable moment” for learning the term coldcock–but c’est la guerre.)

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