March 02, 2012

Collaborative drawing: Is there a “there” there?

The $4 Sketchshare enables realtime collaborative drawing, complete with voice chat among participants. Here’s a quick demo:

Do people actually do collaborative, realtime document editing–and if so, under what circumstances? Painter tried it in the 90’s with NetPainter (which only I & John Derry, who worked at Fractal back then, seem to remember), and I’ve seen tons of tools come & go over the years. Drawing is, for most people, difficult; we feel weird being watched; and we don’t like to watch others draw badly (or maybe even draw well in realtime).

And yet, and yet… I remain kind of fascinated by Layer Tennis, Mixel, and other collaboration efforts. Are there specific, real-world cases where you’d use tools like these–e.g. when brainstorming/moodboarding with teammates? And if so, do you use such tools (and if not, why not?).

In a slightly related vein, Draw Something makes collaborative drawing into a game (sort of mobile Pictionary), and apparently 2 million people are using it every day (!!).

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Reflection app displays your iPad/iPhone on your Mac

I’ve lugged too many clumsy, heavy cameras around, then set up crappy video mirroring in order to give ill-lit, high-latency app demos. I’ve been excited at the prospect of using Thunderbolt to connect iPad HDMI into my Mac, but that would require hundreds of dollars worth of external hardware & cables. I think that all just went out the window: for $15 Reflection will mirror your iPad 2 or iPhone 4S onto your Mac desktop. I just installed the trial version and it works beautifully. Done & done. [Via]

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Import photos from Android into Adobe Revel

Check it:

Take photos with an Android phone? To easily add them to your Adobe Revel photo library, put the Adobe Revel Importer app on your Android phone (OS2.2 or later) and then choose photos to import or set the app to auto-import all your shots. The app is free with your Adobe Revel subscription—get it today in the Android Marketplace.

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