March 22, 2012

CS6 is the biggest Web/screen design upgrade in 12 years

If you design apps, Web pages, or anything else for the screen, you need to check out this terrific overview of Photoshop CS6 improvements from UI design expert Marc Edwards.  A few of my favorites:

  • Real strokes (including dashes) on vectors, with a faster (Options Bar) way to edit them
  • Type styles (both character & paragraph)
  • Better font anti-aliasing
  • Path snapping & anti-aliasing improvements (critical for exacting work)
  • Layer search/filtering (e.g. show me just the type layers in this doc)
  • Multiple strokes per layer (you can apply a new vector stroke + a traditional layer effect stroke, and by applying layer effects at the group level, you can effectively put multiple sets of layer effects on each layer)

…and that’s a truncated list. Check out Marc’s article for more.

We had so many of these improvements in mind for many years, but other work like the Cocoa & 64-bit transitions kept getting in the way. (Type styles & layer searching almost made the cut for CS5.)  It’s not since Photoshop 6.0, which introduced shape layers & which was released back in 2000, that the team has made this much progress for Web/UI folks in one rev. We hope you like it.

[By the way, if you’re stuck on CS4 or earlier, you can also check out all the Web/screen enhancements we made in CS5, too.]

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