March 27, 2012

Video: The Adobe Digital Imaging Team at Photoshop World 2012

Straight from the show floor. (I can vouch for background saving drawing cheers.)

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A new color-picking panel for Photoshop

Check out the latest from Anastasiy Safari:

Did you know that computer-based color schemes do not correspond to fine art ones? Where you expect green to be a complement color to red, the computer gives you cyan. Why is that? Because computers usually use a HSV color model, while classic painters use a completely different color wheel. And it’s available now exclusively to Photoshop in the MagicPicker color wheel panel! Painters, photographers, designers and everyone else can know use their knowledge of classic arts. They can build their unique color schemes based on intuitive, real-world paint behavior.

MagicPicker 2.1 also brings a Photoshop CS6 beta support and a significant speed increase.

The full version costs $14.

Update: Here’s a screenshot:

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Hitchcock on happiness

Unfettered creative impact; yep, seems about right.

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