March 25, 2012

Demo: How to use type styles in CS6

The #1 feature requested by Web designers has been type styles–the ability to modify one style definition & update multiple text layers at once. Now the feature is ready to use in the Photoshop CS6 beta. Deke McClelland shows you how:


Posted by John Nack at 8:08 AM on March 25, 2012


  • Jeremy Chone — 8:27 PM on March 25, 2012

    Very cool, but I would love to have that for layer styles too. Is there a similar for layers?

    [No, but that would be nice. And to save our Fireworks-loving friends some typing, you can do it there. :-) –J.]

  • Fabrice Delaneau — 12:31 AM on March 26, 2012

    From what I can see there is only one thing missing for web designers :

    The ability to transform rounded rectangles while preserving the corners.

    [I know; that’s my personal #1 request. –J.]

    From my quick tests all other problems are now solved and a few ones I didn’t know I had too.

    [Great! –J.]

  • NeutralBom — 5:20 AM on March 26, 2012

    all vector properties should be editable after the fact.

  • NeutralBom — 5:28 AM on March 26, 2012

    i just checked… i don´t see how you can excange the styles between documents?

    for example i have one style for image caption i always use.

    but when i open a new image the sytle is not in the list.

  • NeutralBom — 5:32 AM on March 26, 2012

    i thought it works like the layer styles?
    that you have the type stlyes for all images.

  • Matt Radel — 6:18 AM on March 26, 2012

    Really, really great updates to Photoshop. It seems like you’ve cued up the last few years of nitpicky requests and rolled ’em out all at once. :)

    [Yeah, as I say, a lot of this stuff was on the roadmap for a *long* time, just bottled up behind various architectural efforts (esp. Cocoa). –J.]

    Just to also be that guy (that asks for one more thing after you show off a bunch of great goodies), I’d echo the comment about rounded corners on rectangles…next to pixel nudging, this prolly is my biggest time sink.

    Great stuff though, you guys rock!

    [Thanks! –J.]

  • Brian Redding — 8:34 AM on March 26, 2012

    Very nice stuff, can’t wait to use CS6!

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