April 05, 2012

Animation: Luminaris

Crazy-lovely French Argentine (?) stop-motion:

The Vimeo page claims “Only available for 2 days,” so you might not want to wait to watch. [Via Matthew Connell]

Posted by John Nack at 10:34 PM on April 05, 2012


  • Benoit — 11:10 PM on April 05, 2012

    That’s definitely not french.
    The director is from argentina.
    Maybe you were mislead by the accordion music :)

  • Arnaud — 11:37 PM on April 05, 2012


  • Forged — 12:17 AM on April 06, 2012

    Well its been up for 10 months so no worries there, how it was slept on for so long is the real mystery, thanks.

  • Scott Siegling — 5:28 AM on April 06, 2012

    It says it was filmed in Argentina.

  • ProDesignTools — 8:40 PM on April 07, 2012

    Thanks for sharing. And it looks like at least the exterior parts were filmed in Paris, fair enough.

    But unfortunately, the short now appears to be password-protected – so guess those two days finally were up.

    Shame, because it deserves more attention, not less.

  • Trent — 6:55 AM on April 09, 2012

    I did a little snooping a la google and found it on this site…..


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