July 04, 2012

Popsicolor app turns photos into watercolors

The $.99 app does what it says & does it nicely, if rather slowly. Check out some example images.

Aside: I continue to wish Apple would make it easy for apps like Instagram to slot in other apps for round-trip filtering (sending them a grid of pixels & then getting one back). It seems that Windows & Android remain well ahead in this regard, but hope springs eternal.

Posted by John Nack at 7:10 AM on July 04, 2012


  • Joyce — 9:33 AM on July 04, 2012

    Painter is really good at watercolor. Why would I want a mediocre app?

    • John Balestrieri — 12:35 PM on July 04, 2012


      Your comparison is not fair. Popsicolor does not target the same market Painter targets: it was designed to be a 99¢ app that provides eye-popping results and is simple and fun to use.

      [Exactly. Illegitimi non carborundum. –J.]

  • John Balestrieri — 12:28 PM on July 04, 2012

    Thanks, John. Popsicolor was designed & developed in less than a week; I intend to spend some time profiling the app and seeing what performance can be gained.


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