September 14, 2012

Car logos, good & bad

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Video: “From Sketch to Scary” at Photoshop World

At Photoshop World, Russell Brown & co. went from Wacom sketch to a real live monster.

Russell brought together a team of makeup artists to create a monster that would be part of the Adobe booth at Photoshop World in Las Vegas. The original design was sketched on a Wacom Cintiq by Rayce Bird and then the prosthetics were fabricated in LA. The team of artist applied the makeup in the Adobe booth, and the monster came to life. Finally, the monster was photographed in the Westcott booth and then attendees edited their photos in the Adobe booth with Lightroom 4 and Adobe Photoshop CS6. The final results were amazing.

As Russell Brown always says “There is nothing better then creating a cool monster and letting our users take great photos.”

Check it out:

Russell writes, “Special thanks to TEAM MONSTER for making this possible. Rayce Bird, Ian Von Cromer, Frank Ippolito, Brianna Bird Kirkham, Thomas Willeford, Aaron Grimes, Amber McCoy, Weston Maggio, and Joel Grimes.”

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