September 26, 2012

Educators: Adobe wants to talk to you

Adobe will be conducting research over the next several months, seeking to better understand students’ needs:

Adobe is looking to talk to teachers, professors and instructors to gain a better understanding about student assignments, software and technology use.  This unique and fun opportunity will allow educators to work with Adobe and share how technology is being incorporated in the way students complete assignments in their classrooms.  There will be several paid research opportunities.  If you’re interested in these opportunities, please fill out a preliminary screener. You’ll be contacted if you are eligible to participate!

This wave of research is happening in the US only.

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Animation: A building’s windows as pixels

The 11 floors tower of the HESAV (Health High School Vaud) has been animated as a rudimentary screen whose pixels are, in fact, all the windows and shutters that students, staff and friends shake for hours

The second half of the vid features making-of content, and a participant writes,

[It took] Just a couple of hours with the instructions. We NEVER did all the combos you can see in the video, just twice or three times all windows / shutters positions, all together at the same time. The rest is all post production.


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