October 11, 2012

Tutorial: Gradients Galore in Illustrator

Looks like a deep & interesting tour from Adrian Taylor. Says Smashing Magazine,

This extended video tutorial covers a wide variety of topics including basic gradient tools (0:30), the appearance pannel and multiple gradient fill layers (2:30), creating gradients with the blending tool (3:45), gradient strokes (6:30), gradient mesh (7:45), using gradients with type (14:00), wrapping gradients with envelope distort (16:30), and using opacity masks.

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HTML5: Announcing WebPlatform Docs

Adobe has teamed up with Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, Opera, and the W3C to deliver the new Web Platform Docs (WPD) on webplatform.org. WPD aims to become “the most comprehensive and authoritative resource for web technologies on the planet.” And to enable everyone to contribute, WPD is implemented as a wiki.

Here’s a bit more info from Adobe engineering manager Arno Gourdol.

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