October 04, 2012

Backyard shenanigans at 2,400fps

“So what do you do,” asks Brad Kremer, “when you have a day off and a $300,000 camera package sitting at your house? Invite all of the neighborhood kids and throw a water balloon party of course! Duh!”

Having enjoyed this sort of thing with stills, I’d love to try it with high-speed video. [Via Mark Kawano]

Posted by John Nack at 2:29 PM on October 04, 2012


  • Rich Morey — 2:58 PM on October 04, 2012

    Cool for the most part but the music was a bit annoying and the editing seemed a little wierd although I’m assuming the “jump cuts” were because they can only shoot at that speed for a limited amount of time.

  • Jacob Mengelkoch — 8:01 PM on October 05, 2012

    awesomely epic. i thought the music fit incredibly well. the slip’n’slide portion was my favorite.

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