November 26, 2012

Demo: Creating beautiful swirly strokes in Illustrator

“Drawing a perfect curly, swirly Stroke with varying widths,” points out Jeff Witchel, “used to be a tedious task requiring a steady hand and a tremendous amount of ability using the the Pen tool.” In this tutorial he shows off how variable-width strokes in Illustrator make tricky looks much easier to pull off.

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Sprechen Sie Adobe?

We’ve just launched the Adobe Translation Center. As the team explains,

The translation community represents the voice of the customer. This program enables the user community to provide quick, direct feedback about our products and content.

We created this program to achieve two key objectives:

  1. Enable user feedback to improve the quality of translations of “Adobe languages” (those already supported).
  2. Help users contribute to new “community languages”. Those are languages that individual Adobe products don’t currently support and where community contributions may give us an indication which languages Adobe should consider for product inclusion.

You can connect with the team via Twitter and Facebook, and on the globalization team blog.

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