January 16, 2013

Photoshop 13.0.4/13.1.2 updates fix “trial” problem

PM Jeff Tranberry writes,

Today we released Photoshop update version 13.0.4 (for Mac perpetual customers) and version 13.1.2 (for Creative Cloud members, Mac and Windows), resolving this licensing issue:

  • Trial screen displays when you open Photoshop CS6 – When you open a copy of Photoshop CS6 that you purchased, a notice displays that you can try this product for 30 days.

How to get the Update

  1. In Photoshop, choose Help > Updates.
  2. The Adobe Application Manager will launch. Select Adobe Photoshop CS6 and choose Update.

How to confirm that the Update worked

  1. In Photoshop, choose Help > About Photoshop (Win), or Photoshop > About Photoshop (Mac)
  2. For Mac perpetual customers, the version at the top should be Version: 13.0.4
  3. For Win/Mac Creative Cloud members, the version at the top should be Version: 13.1.2.
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Slow-mo photography: Top 10 Ways To Destroy A Snowman


Now I have to debate whether to show this to our lads (who just built their first snowman) or whether it’s too… how do you say… cold-blooded. [Via]

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