January 18, 2013

Demo: Future Adobe video tech, with a side of Grumpy Cat

Showing off Adobe Anywhere & Premiere Pro, PMs Al Mooney & Michael Coleman showcase their witty banterousness & the future of collaborative editing:

And that shirt of Al’s. Man, that shirt… Wow. Can’t unsee. It has occasioned *way* too much internal discussion, with promises/threats to buy him the Mountain Men’s 10 Kittens Tee. (Review: “When I wear clothes with kittens, I require a much higher kitten-per-inch-of-shirt count than you’ve offered here. Can not recommend.”)

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Napkin: Fast & clever image annotation

Longtime Adobe veteran Chris Parrish and the crew at Aged & Distilled have created Napkin, “the ultimate tool for concise visual communication,” designed to “painlessly annotate images or create diagrams and share the results quickly.” It looks rather slick:

Check out more details from Rene Ritchie.


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