February 06, 2013

New Adobe Inspire Magazine comes to iPad & Web

Photoshop 3D features, CSS transitions, InDesign alternate layouts, and much more are featured in this month’s Inspire Magazine, both online and in the App Store.

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Photoshop’s fans are in the top 10 most loyal


Brand Satisfaction compiled millions of responses from Facebook Fans of over 15,000 Facebook pages to determine the Top 20 brands with the most loyal Fans.

Photoshop is #10 out of 15,000+. Take that, In-N-Out Burger—and Starbucks Frappuccino, watch your back! ;-) Thanks to Photoshop’s awesome fans!

[Via Tom Hogarty]

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Film: “A Day In India”

Sustainable-food company The Perennial Plate has captured a visually sumptuous look at India:

It’s hard to put your camera down in India. With so much beauty and filth, food and poverty, happiness and stress: its an overwhelming (and wonderful) place to film. We came back exhausted, full and still overwhelmed (this time with the task of editing all the footage into a short video). Because India is a big place, and each area varies dramatically, we attempted to construct a day across India: from north to south, from dawn till dusk.

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