February 19, 2013

Adobe Camera Raw turns 10 today

…and Lightroom turns 6, and Photoshop 23!

What was born during Thomas Knoll’s vacation to Italy (wherein he was so frustrated by his camera’s raw conversion software that he downloaded their SDK & wrote his own) has come a long, long way. PM Tom Hogarty says, “I count 42 official releases over those 10 years or 1 update every 2.8 months. However, when you include all of the public RC builds you could easily double that!”

Click through to the Photoshop team blog to see an infographic that marks this milestone. Thanks to all the engineers & QE who’ve made this engine so invaluable, and to all the passionate photographers who help the team keep doing what they do. Here’s to the next 6, 10, & 23 years!


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In memoriam: Petro Vlahos

I can’t claim to have known his name, but like you I know his work: Petro Vlahos pioneered blue- and green-screen techniques & founded Ultimatte before passing away this past week at the age of 96. The BBC writes,

Mr Vlahos’s breakthrough was to create a complicated laboratory process which involved separating the blue, green and red parts of each frame before combining them back together in a certain order.

He racked up more than 35 movie-related patents and numerous Academy commendations.

By coincidence, I came across the following peek behind the scenes of The Hobbit. It bears out what Robin Shenfield from compositing firm The Mill says of Mr. Vlahos’s work: “It’s the absolute building block of all the visual effects that you see in television and movies.”


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Demo: Automated photo insertion, compositing

Alyosha Efros has some ideas on cracking a particularly hard nut:

Apparently there’s a Java demo available, but it seems I long ago disabled Java. [Via Sylvain Paris]

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