March 11, 2013

Think On My Sins

This blog used to be better. Instead of posting just a bunch of semi-random content finds, I used to talk more about ideas that matter. Since incurring the vocational brain damage that is fatherhood, however, I’ve struggled to find time to compose meatier thoughts. I want to try to change that.

Silicon Valley loves to talk about the importance of celebrating failure. It’s mostly crap (when’s the last time you saw the CEO speak? or WebVan, or Excite@home, or…), but there can be real value in reviewing what’s worked & what hasn’t. I plan to share some constructive reflections over the next days & weeks. Stay tuned.

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Stunts & Octane: Robbie Maddison’s Air.Craft

Great cinematography + aircraft boneyard nerdery? Sign me up–and that’s even without the brilliant motocross stunts:

[Via Colin Stefani]

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