March 28, 2013

Learn how to make HTML5 mobile apps, Friday Q&A

Tomorrow at noon Pacific:

Learn how to use Adobe PhoneGap Build to package HTML5 applications built with Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Edge Tools and Services for multiple mobile platforms easily in the cloud.
Presenter bio: Raymond Camden is a developer evangelist for Adobe. By night he fights crime under the pseudonym, “HTML5 Super Dude”.

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Ephemicropolis: A city of staples

British artist Peter Root is the god of office supplies, arranging 100,000 staples over 40 hours to create “Ephemicropolis.” He writes,

A shining monochrome mega-construction defies immediate identification of scale. Vulnerable, not to a rampaging Godzilla, but to the looming threats of a micro-apocalyptic light breeze or a ballistic projectile fired from the shoe of an unwitting passer-by.


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