April 07, 2013

“Pixel Rain”

Hmm—I’d never heard this metaphor when discussing the quantity vs. quality of pixels on a sensor, but I like it. Here’s HTC’s Symon Whitehorn talking about their move from 8 to 4 megapixels:

This debunks the so-called “megapixel myth,” which says that more megapixels equals a better image. “The old analogy that the industry uses is called pixel rain, so you can imagine photons coming down as rain—with photon rain being collected in buckets with the buckets being the pixel,” says Whitehorn. “Now you could put a lot of little cups out and try to collect the same amount of rain and you wind up getting noise between the cups as opposed to it all falling into one big bucket.”

Of course, now I kind of want to see some cheeky artist take this idea to its absurd extreme, producing a sensor that’s just 1 pixel in resolution—but oh man is that pixel’s quality ever high.

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