May 06, 2013

New FAQs about Photoshop, Lightroom, & Creative Cloud

I’ve highlighted some key points:

  • Photoshop and Camera Raw: Photoshop CS6 (non-subscription) will remain available for sale alongside CC, and it will get free updates that add new camera support (though not new features).
  • Creative Cloud: You don’t need a constant internet connection (in fact, yearly subscribers can be offline for up to 3 months at a time), and you don’t need to store your data in the cloud. If you’re really going to Antarctica for 6 months or work in a disconnected environment, please call customer service & we’ll get you taken care of. You can keep running older versions alongside the CC versions.
  • Lightroom: LR5 will be included in Creative Cloud, but you won’t have to subscribe to Creative Cloud to get it (that is, you’ll be able to keep buying it via perpetual (non-subscription) license).
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Shouldn’t loyal Adobe customers get a discount moving to Creative Cloud?

Short answer: Absolutely.

Longtime Adobe customers have been very clear in their comments here throughout the last year: they’ve invested serious money with the company over the years, and they want that to be honored as we move forward.

Adobe agrees, so check this out:

  • If you own CS3 or later:
    • You can get Creative Cloud Complete (the whole $2,600 Master Collection & more) for $29.99/month. Even better, if you own CS6, you can get Complete for $19.99/month (60% off the new-user price of $49.99).
    • If you don’t need or want everything in Complete, you can get Photoshop CC and other new CC apps for $9.99/month. That’s about 35 cents per day.

[Update: These prices are an intro deal for a 12-month commitment.]

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Photoshop CC is coming soon

[Note: Photoshop CS6 will remain available (non-subscription); you don’t have to upgrade/subscribe to keep getting camera updates to CS6; and owners of CS3 and above can subscribe & get Photoshop CC for just $9.99/month. More complete FAQs are available, too.]

PM Zorana Gee writes,

We’re thrilled to announce that the next version of Photoshop, the world’s most popular digital imaging software, will be available to Creative Cloud members this June! This release, called Photoshop CC, will deliver dozens of new features, including capabilities in sharpening, upsampling and reducing blur, improvements to designer tools, added capabilities in Adobe Camera Raw, and much more.

My favorite feature is support for “smart” rounded rectangles:


Check out the rest of Zorana’s post for more info, and stay tuned for even more (cloud-synced settings, integration with Behance & Typekit, automated file export, and more).

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Watch the Adobe MAX keynote live, starting in 10 minutes

Check it out here. Today’s going to be a very news-rich day.

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