May 08, 2013

Sneak Peek: Perspective Warp in Photoshop

If I may echo Rainn Wilson, “Oh my God, that’s ridiculous.”

Note: This is a technology demo, not a feature that’s quite ready to go in Photoshop CC. With the move to subscriptions, however, Photoshop and other teams are moving away from “big bang” releases & towards more continuous deployment of improvements.

[Update: I know that a number of people aren’t digging Wilson’s schtick. Hats off to Sarah for being such a pro under pressure.]

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Demo: New features in Illustrator & InDesign CC

Terry White shows off his favorite enhancements in these forthcoming releases. I’m really looking forward to the typographical enhancements in Illustrator, and using an image as a brush is promising.


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Adobe brass address photographers’ concerns about CC

Winston Hendrickson—a legitimately big cheese to my Kraft Single—talks about why Lightroom isn’t going subscription-only while Photoshop is, acknowledges that Creative Cloud doesn’t (yet) offer a lot of interesting photography-specific services, and more in a short interview with DP Review.

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