June 03, 2013

A Creative Cloud success story

I know that not everyone is sold on Creative Cloud, but I liked this comment from reader Nat Brown. This is why I harp on the importance of CC knocking down barriers to entry.

For some of us, the Cloud has been a game changer. […]

I was a solo Photoshop user who wanted to pick up Illustrator. I calculated the Cloud to increase my Adobe expenses over three years by a factor of two and to be a break even with purchasing the two packages individually. I picked up some cost offsets in storage and hosting. For that, I got access to the whole Creative Suite plus more.

The surprise for me was InDesign. I never would have spent the money on it but it is quickly becoming my most valuable piece of Adobe software. I’m currently wrapping up an InDesign project that takes 1000 pages of federal Department of Labor regulations & commentary and wraps them into an 80 page interactive PDF. This one project alone will pay for the whole Cloud purchase — not just this year but for the next two as well.

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Demo: Photoshop for Web Designers

Lynda.com’s Justin Seeley gave a comprehensive presentation at MAX:

Justin reveals image optimization techniques while debunking web resolution myths. He’ll also help you learn how to use Photoshop to work with HTML and CSS files, and show how these tools can help improve your workflow. He may even have time to sneak in a few new Photoshop features. In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use layer comps to simulate interactivity and multipage layouts
  • Create Retina display–caliber graphics using actions and batch processing
  • Build UI libraries with shape layers
  • Create image sprites
  • Work with pixel grid alignment and design with grid systems
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MagicPicker 3.0 for Photoshop adds Tone Lock

Anastasiy Safari has updated his popular color-picking panel for Photoshop with, among other things, the ability to maintain colors’ tone while changing their hue:

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