June 21, 2013

Steve Jobs & sedimentary layers

I love this short reflection from Steve Jobs, reflecting on technology, impermanence, and legacy.

It’s funny to hear him describe the Mac as being on its way out in 1994. By returning to Apple he invalidated his own prediction, and now at WWDC we hear Apple talking about a naming scheme for OS X for the next ten years. Funny old world. [Via]

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Spot removal shortcuts for Camera Raw in Photoshop CC

Here’s a handy list from Julieanne Kost covering the new Spot Removal Tool (B) inside Camera Raw 8 (part of Photoshop CC):

Tap the “V” key to toggle the visibility of the spot overlays.

  • Shift-drag constrains the brush spot to a horizontal or vertical stroke.
  • Shift-click connects the selected spot with the new spot via a straight brush stroke.
  • Cmd/Ctrl-drag will create a circle spot and allow you to drag to define the source.
  • Tap the Forward Slash key (/) to select new source for existing circle or brush spot.
  • Press Delete to delete a selected spot.
  • Opt-/Alt-click on a spot to delete it (the cursor will change to a pair of scissors).
  • Opt-/Alt-click in the image area over multiple spots to batch-delete (the icon changes to a marquee while dragging.
  • Tap the “Y” key to toggle on/off Visualize spots. Note – this is also available as a checkbox and slider in Toolbar.
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Creative Cloud, PS Elements win 2013 Macworld Awards

Macworld UK has named Adobe Creative Cloud Publishing & Design Software of the Year. Meanwhile the Readers Choice for Software of the Year award goes to Photoshop Elements 11. Very cool, and on behalf of those teams, thanks!

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