June 04, 2013

Demo: Theories and Harmonies of Color

Given all the interest in the new Adobe Kuler, you might enjoy this talk from Stéphane Baril, an Adobe systems engineer and a graphic novel colorist. In this talk he covers:

  • How to understand and effectively use a color wheel in your design process
  • How to use Live Color and Recolor Artwork in Illustrator, both for color exploration and graphic production
  • Tips and techniques for using color in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign

Update/related: See CreativePro’s 10 Essential Tips for Kuler.

Posted by John Nack at 9:05 AM on June 04, 2013


  • michael jahn — 9:12 AM on June 04, 2013

    Since I work in the print vertical, I find Kuler lacking – no color management, so you can’t really simulate CMYK tints very well.

    I may be missing some setting, and I may be ignorant ( many folks have pointed that out to me ! ) – but as far as I know, this is ( or was ) a flash based tool – and therefore there is no color management option. In our customers print centric universe, they want to simulate how a color might print.

    In CMYK tints – a tint of 50 cyan, 38 magenta and 38 yellow should look very close color wise to a tint of 50 black.

    Kuler does not do that. ( Link below will bring you to a screen capture showing this problem )


    • Claudius — 12:11 PM on June 09, 2013

      I think color management isn’t a priority, as support across browsers is somewhat mixed. And as far as i recall, it’s limited to images anyway.

      One might get away with a generated image in the target color space, but then again your browser might just butcher it totally.

      Nice read regarding this very topic:

      Page two also contains a series of test images, so you can test your own browsers.

      • Claudius — 12:14 PM on June 09, 2013

        Hm, ok maybe that link is just a little too old now :D Seems to work nicely in current Chrome, Firefox and IE.

  • Jim Pogozelski — 12:08 PM on June 06, 2013

    There’s no HSL in Kuler (I did see cmyk in the web version of the app).

    Kuler does have HSB, but I use HSL for web work (plus lots of Sass mixins for css).

    Is there a way to remove swatches? Sometimes I just want a three color set.

    • Seky — 2:04 PM on June 06, 2013

      Agree, such functionality would be nice to have (and perhaps not too expensive/difficult to develop).

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