August 01, 2013

Demo: Lens-correcting GoPro quadcopter footage

Russell Brown’s life does not, from all I can tell, suck in the least. He was recently flying a GoPro camera around the Golden Gate Bridge & the ghost town of Bodie, CA, and here he shows how the new lens profiles built into Camera Raw 8.2 can work on both stills & video. (Jump ahead to 2:40 or so if you want to see the video portion.)

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Camera Raw 8.2 RC adds features, new camera & lens support

A preview (release candidate) version of ACR is now available on Adobe Labs for Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC.

In addition to supporting 10 new cameras (including the new Canon 70D) and adding several lens profiles (including for the GoPro Hero 3), Camera Raw 8.2 makes a bunch of welcome nips & tucks: The Spot Healing tool gets feathering control; the histogram is now interactive; the Detail panel gets a color smoothness slider; workflow presets are now available; and the Local Adjustment brush has been refined. Check out the Lightroom Journal’s post for full details.

As a reminder, compatibility updates come to both CS and CC, but new features show up only in CC. (That’s the promise of Creative Cloud: New features roll out all the time.)

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