August 21, 2013

Illustration: “Melbhattan”

Hmm—this is kind of interesting:

Melbhattan is part homage, part pastiche of the opening sequence of Woody Allen’s seminal 1979 film Manhattan.

Drawn and animated by Melbourne-based cartoonist and illustrator Oslo Davis, Melbhattan features more than sixty black and white tableaux of Melbourne each composed to mimic images in Allen’s film.


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National Geographic’s glorious “Serengeti Lion” presentation

Just go check it out (and max out your browser window), though know now that you can’t bill me for all the time you’re about to lose. (The whole thing makes me wish we had Google Fiber so the video didn’t have to be a bit soft. But still, it’s lovely.)

[Via Veronique Brossier]

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Lego’s 3,000-piece Sydney Opera House set

Epic. I spied this monster at the Lego store Monday & had to know more. “‘Considering it took engineers eight years to figure out how to make the real Opera House sails, I feel quite proud that it only took us three,’ [creator Jamie] Berard says.” I love the evident pride & joy these folks take in their work.

And hey, as long as we’re screwing around with Lego-related links…

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