August 05, 2013

Demo: How To Use Adobe Camera Raw as a Filter in Photoshop CC

Photographers seem to be digging this one:

The beauty of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) is that it provides you with a non-destructive way of making several adjustments to your images easily. However, the problem has always been that once you were in Photoshop and you had an image open, if you wanted to edit that image in ACR you would have to close it first and reopen it in ACR. Now with Photoshop CC you can use ACR with ANY layer on any image without having to close it first. In this new episode of Creative Cloud TV I show how to use the new Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop CC.

Posted by John Nack at 8:10 AM on August 05, 2013


  • Michael Tissington — 9:10 AM on August 05, 2013

    That’s sounds great but for want of a better place to ask this, when CC was launched, Adobe said they were listening and wanted to create an alternative offering for us Lightroom and Photoshop users … when and where will we see an update on this?


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