August 12, 2013

Stop making crummy-sounding videos

“Nothing will take an audience out faster,” says DP of Saturday Night Live’s film unit Alex Buono, than bad audio. “They’ll sooner accept out-of-focus, underexposed shots” than bad sound.

Well-regarded audio engineer & trainer Larry Jordan agrees: “The best way to improve the quality of your picture is to improve the quality of your sound.” He recently recorded a session on demystifying Adobe Audition for video editors.

During this 45-minute presentation, you’ll discover:

  • Send files and projects between Premiere Pro and Audition
  • Remove hum from an interview
  • Remove background noise
  • Maximize audio levels without causing distortion
  • Do an audio mix of your project
  • Create “stems,” or submixes, of your dialog, effects, and music tracks
  • Test your final mix to be sure it meets all technical specs before submitting it to the client
Posted by John Nack at 7:19 AM on August 12, 2013


  • RobC — 11:09 AM on August 12, 2013

    There is a certain irony in a lesson about avoiding crummy-sounding audio that itself has such crummy-sounding audio. Very meta.

  • michael jahn — 2:10 PM on August 16, 2013

    Michael Jahn

  • Andrew Trembley — 3:27 PM on August 23, 2013

    This is very cool (crummy webinar audio jokes aside). It made it worth it for me to find the Online events page, which is also very cool. Any chance you could talk the folks involved in maintaining that to cross-index it by product/version/activity to make it easier to find different types of events?

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