September 01, 2013

Neat event photography idea: A slow-mo photo booth

What a cool concept from Seattle’s excellently named Super Frog Saves Tokyo: a photo booth set up at a wedding featuring a RED Epic camera capable of shooting at 160fps.

As PetaPixel reports, the creators had this to say:

We just made sure the look was clean in camera and then did color correcting afterwards. Blaine Ludy (Director/Editor of this project) is just really great at getting people to do stuff. In the beginning, people were timid, but as he showed them takes they began to understand what we were doing. Also, it was a wedding with an open bar. The video is edited (mostly) chronologically so you can see people get progressively less inhibited as the night went on.

Super cool. Here’s hoping the necessary camera tech keeps coming down in price, putting this kind of production into more people’s reach.

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