September 03, 2013

A storytelling app I want but can’t build; maybe you can.

The Micronaxx & I make up bizarre, freewheeling bedtime stories nearly every night, just as my dad did with me. Unlike in the old days, we at least occasionally record the stories, but it’s rare. What would change that, giving us a better archive of family memories? I’d like a mobile app that would:

  • Record you telling your kids bedtime stories (maybe after prompting you just before bedtime)
  • Transcribe the text
  • Organize the sound & text files (into a book, journal, and/or timeline layout)
  • Let you add descriptive metadata & tags to stories
  • Enable easy publishing from the journal to a blog, Tumblr, etc.
  • Maybe let you add other supporting media (illustrations, photos, links, etc.)
  • Maybe let you present those images, etc. at various times as the story progresses

I think the key thing is in the recording/transcription: Without that it’s dead in the water, even for a guy like me. Prompting & organization would be good, but I really want to see the output (even if rough).

I won’t get to build such an app anytime soon, if ever, so I’m throwing the idea into the ether in case you’d find it interesting (either as a user or as a developer). Maybe the “bedtime story” angle seems too niche-y, but you might be surprised: RapGenius started just by annotating rap lyrics & is now very well funded to socially annotate any kind of document. “Do one thing well” instead of starting with ocean-boiling.

If you’d pay for such an app, please speak up—and if you’d build it, I’ll happily be your first customer.

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Photography: Atom-Lapse

Beautiful time lapse work from Richard Bentley. (And yes—previously unbeknownst to me—Atomium is a real building.)

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