September 06, 2013

New Sony QX cams: Possibly brilliant (?)

I’m deeply intrigued by the new Sony QX10 & QX100 cameras, which use your smartphone as a viewfinder:


Big zoom plus real bokeh from an iPhone, especially during video? You have my strict attention.

DPReview finds the cams “a bit underwhelming,” and a bunch of questions remain unanswered for me (e.g. can one transfer video wirelessly? how long does it take to transfer stills?). Even so, I’m optimistic, and I’ve asked Photojojo to let me know when they’re ready to order.

In other Franken-phone news, “Hasselnuts is an Adapter that Turns Your iPhone into a Medium Format Digital Back.”

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Punking job applicants through the power of high def

Who says that absurdly high-res televisions won’t change the world? Not LG, whose little prank walks the brilliant/brutal line:

[Via Chris Regan]

Conceivably related: Store mirrors can now be programmed to make your prospective purchases look better—and make you look happier holding them up.

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