September 07, 2013

Thomas Knoll talks Photoshop & Creative Cloud

From Luminous Landscape

In early June 2013, Michael Reichmann & Kevin Raber sat down with Thomas Knoll, co-inventor with his brother John, of Adobe Photoshop. Thomas tells the story of two young brothers and the beginnings of Photoshop.

Later in the video, Thomas talks about the controversy surrounding Adobe’s Creative Cloud and the solution he proposed for photographers.

I can’t embed the clip, so check it out on Vimeo.

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Photography: Wakeskating through cranberries

“Along with amazing imagery,” writes director Alex Horner, “you get to learn how cranberries are harvested.” True enough, and lovely:

“No berries were destroyed while making this,” Alex notes. “Cranberries are tough as hell, there was zero waste of food. As far as sanitation goes, it’s an open body of water. A few dudes in wetsuits won’t hurt a thing.” [Vimeo] [Via

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