October 02, 2013

“There’s a reason stock video doesn’t have sound.”

The guys behind GettyCritics.com have excellent, juvenile fun adding their own dubs. Enjoy, before lawyers drop the hammer.

(“The [heck]’s with these bubbles…??”)

[YouTube] [Via]

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Free Lightroom 5 Quick Start Guide available for download

“Lightroom Queen” Victoria Bampton has created a free 76-page PDF guide to using Lightroom 5. She writes,

There’s no catch – it’s absolutely free and you don’t even have to sign up for my mailing list (although you can if you want to). I meet a lot of people on the forums who have ended up in a tangle because they’ve misunderstood the basics, and much as I’d like to meet you, I’d prefer it’s not because you’ve accidentally deleted all of your photos!

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