October 04, 2013

Add Photoshop-style rules & guides to Web pages

Eh, why? Well, Webdesigner Depot says this “can be incredibly useful if you’re checking out the grid or other geometry of someone else’s website and don’t feel like pouring through the source code to figure it out.” Check out RulerGuides.js, available as a browser bookmarklet.

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AppSeed turns sketches into HTML, PSDs

Lean startup methodology strongly emphasizes paper prototypes: What’s the simplest, fastest, lowest-cost thing you could do to increase learning & decrease risk? To that end, AppSeed aims to let you sketch on paper, then turn the results into functioning, HTML-based app prototypes:

Interestingly, it ties into Photoshop:

Test your design on the phone and edit it in Photoshop through PS Connection.  This creates a Photoshop document that has all your drawn elements on their own layers, giving you the pixel perfect control to move your design into the next stages of production.



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